Looking for EDIERRE? You are in the right place!

Looking for EDIERRE? You are in the right place!

As long-time Retrogame enthusiasts, looking for high quality and reliable components, we have decided to focus on a historical brand, excellence for the Arcade and Cabinets world.

Why Edierre? I can explain it with an anecdote that the owner of Edierre, Mr. Aquili.

Some time ago they pointed out to him that several proposals were coming from the Chinese market at a ridiculously low price: they took a complete Joy + buttons kit with the price of an Edierre Joystick.

He took his joystick and put it on the ground on the square and got into the car. He hovered over the joystick. A few scratches yes, but intact.
"Try doing this with a Chinese joystick," he replied.

This is to show the quality of the material, cast Nylon and steel central pole for these Joysticks that are eternal.

Even today, after tens of years, one can still find cabin cruisers with the first functioning Edierre models on board.

The precision and reliability in the actuation is given by the HoneyWell micron, a leading American brand of automations.
Those who try Edierre admit that it's actually a whole other world.

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