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USR-W610 is both an RS485 to WiFi converter and an RS232 to WiFi converter,
capable of transparent bidirectional data transmission between RS232 / RS485, WiFi and Ethernet .

● 1 RS-232 or RS485 to 802.11 b / g / n WLAN server device
● Connect serial and Ethernet devices to an IEEE 802.11b / g / n network
● Supports TCP server / client, UDP server / client, https client, Virtual COM
● Supports Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP
● Supports multiple network modes with 1 RJ45 Ethernet port
● Special MQTT / SSL Firmware (Contact Sales Department)
● Working voltage: DC 5 ~ 36V.

Supports WIFI wireless standards @ 2.4GHz 802.11b / g / n.
Support TCP Server / Client TCP / Client UDP / Client UDP / Client HTTP.
Support AP, STA, AP + STA.
Support for ports RS232 and RS485 serial.
Support electrostatic protection.
Supports the function ne identity packet.
Support heartbeat packet function.
Support Websocket function.
Support timeout reset function, timing reset function.
Support for web server, software configuration, serial / network AT command to configure the module.
Usrlink support.

Working mode
Transparent transmission mode
In this mode, all transmitted / received data is not analyzed between the serial port and the WiFi interface. Minimizes the complexity of user usage.

HTTP Client Mode
In this mode, the serial data will be sent to the HTTP server via the HTTP GET / POST / PUT request method.

AT command mode
In this mode, the user can query / set parameters via serial AT commands or network AT commands.

Special functions
Modbus Polling Mode
In this mode, it supports Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU reciprocal conversion.

Heartbeat packet function
USR-W610 supports network heartbeat packets and serial heartbeat packets. The network heartbeat packet notifies the server that it is in an active state and maintains normal connection with the server by continuously sending the heartbeat packet.

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