Harness Jamma 56 2x28 pin with Cables - For Pandora Box and Arcade Cabinets



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Jamma wiring harness with 56 pin 2x28 pin connector
Can be used for standard Jamma Arcade cabinet and Pandora Box boards

All wire used 22 AWG, cheapest wire will only use 24 AWG or 26 AWG. The problem is that if the wire resistance is too high, it can cause significant power loss before the DC voltages reach the JAMMA PCB.
Quick connection to the power supply with faston terminals for all voltages (+ 5VDC, + 12VDC, -5VDC, GND)
The video signals are connected via the standard connector of the included monitor.

The cables end with Faston connectors measuring 4.5 mm
To connect Edierre pushbuttons it is customary to replace the Fastons with the measure 6.5mm - Modification by the buyer
< br /> For connection diagram see the two images:
- Dark green: connection to Jamma board
- Light green: connection to Pandora Box

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