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Button in Bright Metal - Monostable (classic button)
Integrated LED color: BLUE - Version 12V

Monostable button: when the button is pressed button the contacts close, when the button is released the contacts open
The button is made of steel and can be used in various uses, on cars, industrial machines, gaming machines, hobbyists.

Included with the button is given a quick release connector with pre-wired wires:
Red: + 12V
Black: -12V
White: Common Button
Green / Blue: Contacts Normal Open or Normal Closed - Depends on the direction of insertion of the button into the connector

Technical Characteristics
- Contacts Max Voltage 250V
- Integrated 12V LED - Blue color

Hole to be prepared:
- Button diameter 16 mm
- Max thickness 10 mm

Pack for 1 Button:
- Meta Button llo Bright Blue
- Fixing ring
- Quick release connector with 13 cm wired wires
- 16mm O-ring

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