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SmartASD is the Italian USB interface for connecting the PC to the outside world
This interface is recognized by the PC as a composite HID device. Composite because it implements more than one interface within it. More precisely, the card emulates a keyboard, a mouse, two joysticks and a custom interface for data exchange. Being an HID device, it does not need the installation of special drivers but uses the standard ones of the operating system in use, which will be installed automatically upon connection.

The integrated keyboard, in addition to the standard keys, also manages the main multimedia and power keys. The integrated mouse manages 3 axes and 3 buttons and, in addition to the classic relative coordinate system, can be configured with an absolute coordinate system.
The integrated joysticks manage up to 8 analog axes, up to 32 buttons and up to 8 points of view (hat switch or POV).

Each input can have one or more functions and can be associated with one or more integrated peripherals. The digital inputs can then take on the function of a keyboard key, a mouse key or a joystick button.
The analog inputs can take over control of the mouse or joystick axes. Some of the digital inputs are designed to manage quadrature signals (up to 4) generated by trackballs, spinners or encoders.
If this were not enough, each digital input can be configured as an output and therefore the card, creating an appropriate power circuit, can be controlled by software to activate any external load. To control the outputs, a DLL library is available (to be requested via private message) to be integrated into your software or tools are available for control via LEDBlinky or MameHooker.

The configuration takes place via the software, which can be downloaded for free like all the tools available below.

Download Configuration Software

Download Labview Runtime Environment - (required to run the software)

Download Simple Power Driver

Down load LEDBlinky Tool

Download MameHooker Script

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