WatchDog Usb auto reboot for PC Miner Server Rig Gpu

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This product is used to automatically restart RIGs when a crash occurs.

Suitable for managing Cryptocurrency mining rigs, servers, PCs, firewalls and all unmonitored systems.
Connection to motherboard via USB connector on 4PIN motherboard. By removing the yellow connector with a soldering iron, it is possible to connect the WatchDog in a normal USB-A port

On board there is also a button for turning off the PC.
Compatible with any card mother that has a USB port (both onboard and USB-A)
Manuals in ITALIAN and ENGLISH

Multiple settings available:
- programmable restart
- restart due to power failure
- restart due to program stop, freely selectable
- restart due to hardware lock

Package contents:
- WatchDog Usb
- Motherboard connection cables
- Manuals in ITALIAN and ENGLISH -

Software and drivers for Windows here :!arwRBa7D!LmTRL35f-txBR0tpIeY2KKwIWGhdaPHNr2WgXbFSkF0

GitHub for Linux:

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