Adattatore ADD2PSU avvia 2 alimentatori ATX per Mining Rig GPU



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Adapter to synchronize the startup of multiple power supplies connected to a single system
Essential for RIG cryptocurrency mining.

ADD2PSU adapter
It allows to start two ATX type PC power supplies at the same time Useful for rig mining if you have several power supplies for one system, perhaps a power supply for 3 video cards and another for the other three. By switching on the first power supply, the board will give the start impulse to the second power supply, thus synchronizing the start of the power supplies
The first power supply will be connected to the 4-pin MOLEX connector.
The second power supply will be connected to the MOLEX 2x12 pin (24pin)

1. Connect the first power supply to the motherboard with the 24 PIN connector.
2. Connect a 4-pin Molex cable from the first power supply to the Add2psu.
3. Connect the second power supply to Add2psu via the 24 PIN connector.
4. By pressing the power button on the motherboard, the first power supply will give the impulse to the second to turn on.

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