Retroflag PiStation Case with LCD Display for Raspberry PI4



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RETROFLAG PiStation for Raspberry Pi 4 with 4.3 inch LCD screen
PiStation case specially designed for Raspberry Pi4 - Plug and play, stereo speaker, 4.3 color LCD inch (800 * 600)
Play Station Style: This RPi4 case pays homage to the most classic console ever, applying the most iconic element of the retro game world.

The module with the LCD display is detachable, on the back of the module there is a standard HDMI port to be able to connect a TV or monitor

The slot for the Micro SD card is on the side to allow more space to work more freely.
EJECT button functional, can open the compartment to hold your microSD cards.
Safe shutdown and safe reset, power button, RESET button and LED all functional
Indicator Functional LED power button
Functional POWER and RESET buttons

Package includes:
1x Retroflag PiStation Case with 4.3 inch LCD screen.
1x Instruction manual
1x set of screws
1x screwdriver

NOT included: Raspberry PI4 - Usb-C power supply

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