Sanwa Joystick with Metallized Ball - JLF-TP-8YT

Colore : Metallic Gun


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Original SANWA Joystick - For Bartop and Cabinets, Homemade Gamepad

Version with Metallic color ball:
LB-35- AU - Gold
LB-35-AG - Silver
LB-35-JB - Metallic Blue
LB-35-JR - Metallic Red
LB-35-GM - Reed Gray of Rifle

Solid and reliable construction with OMRON microns
Accuracy and speed, perfect for Arcade and Fighting Games
Compatible, through the ZeroDelay USB controller, with Retropie Recalbox Mame systems PandoraBox

Technical Features:
Micron Omron integrated on the base
METALLIC color ball included
Black Finish Circle

NOT INCLUDED: 8 Way Restrictor - Connection cable

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