Cable VGA to SCART RGB - PC cable on 15khz CRT TV

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Cable to connect the VGA output of the PC to a CRT TV (SCART)

Ideal use: to connect a CRT TV to a PC - To put the AV channel you will need press the button on the remote control

Enables the RGB channel via the USB cable, but does not automatically switch the TV to AV

For the automatic switch on AV an external 12V power supply is required to be brought to PIN 8 of the SCART connector (modified by the customer) Or take the cable with AV Autoswitch

Under Windows, it is essential that the output of the PC goes out at 15.6 kHz, for this you can use utilities such as WinModelines, Soft15khz, etc. o correctly configure the GrooveMame emulator or the application if it allows it.

Suitable for televisions that support RGB (CRT).
Cable length: approx. 2 m

Male VGA connector (to connect to PC)
3.5 stereo jack connector (to connect to PC sound card)
Scart (to connect to TV)
USB connector (to be connected to the PC)

Useful resources
- In-depth study of ARCADEVGA, software and connections: LINK


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