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Spinner with 75mm control wheel in ABS
Brand BAOLIAN - Model without interface - Can be connected to special PCB boards or with SmartASD
Version 10202081 - Switch Signal

The upper part of the wheel can be customized with an image of your choice by removing the transparent cap.
Spinner without USB interface, to be connected directly to game cards set up for direct input - See Datasheet for specifications.
Through the SmartASD interface it is possible to use this Spinner on a computer, the settings are varied and customizable, sensitivity and much more.
Here a Spinner application with SmartAsd:

ATTENTION - The SmartASD works at 5V - The spinner is indicated at 12V, if the Led part is not used but only the signals part it can be integrated into the smartasd also in 5V on terminals 2 and 3.
Be careful and adapt your circuit according to the required voltages.

Technical features

6 PIN connector for signal interface: used Pin 1 2 3 6 - Look Datasheet
Output signal on Pin 2 3: Switch Signal
Led onboard 4 Pin connector: 12V

Wheel size: Diameter 75 mm - Wheel height 25 mm
Wheel material: ABS
Measurements: See images - measurements expressed in millimeters
Fixing plate dimensions: 97.00 x 87.00 x 1.00 mm

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