2 Pieces Stepdown Modules LM2596S DC-DC adjustable voltage range 3V 46V 3A



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This module allows you to lower the voltage of a power supply, for example if you have a 12 Volt power supply and want to power a peripheral at 5 Volt.
Precise regulation with Trimmer

Anode input: IN + Negative input: IN-
Anode output: OUT + Negative output: OUT-

Attention: the input and output cannot be inverted, otherwise the module could burn out.
Inputs and outputs are soldered (requires a soldering iron)

Input voltage: DC 3.2-40V
Output voltage: DC 1.25-35 V
Output current: Max. 3A
Conversion efficiency: Max. 92%
Switching frequency: 65KHz
Output wave: & lt; 30 mv = "" br = "" & gt; Operating temperature: -45 to + 85 ° C
Dimensions: 43 x 21x14mm (LxWxH)

Package contents:
2 pieces x Modules StepDown

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