VGA to CGA CVBS S-VIDEO Conversion Card for CRT and LCD



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Video Signal Conversion Card from VGA to CRT at 15 Khz
This card is the solution to connect a PC to a CRT monitor, where resolutions and frequencies change due to the different technologies in use. There are a variety of adjustable parameters, support for PAL and NTSC formats

Interfaces present:
Power input 5V IN (P1, P2): choose one of the two inputs, "+" pole connected to + 5V DC power input, ground corresponding to "-" pole.
VGA IN (P3) VGA input: connect the VGA signal source (such as the VGA port for HD games or the VGA port)
VGA OUT (P4) VGA output: connect to the VGA display device, such as an LCD monitor.
VIDEO OUT (P5) Video output: connect to a TV or other display device video.
S-VIDEO OUT (P6) S terminal output: connected to your TV or other SVideo display device.
RGBS (CGA) OUT CGA signal output: then scan the card.

Switches Present:
(S1) - PAL / NTSC switch - output mode switch: PAL and NTSC (ON is NTSC, OFF is PAL)
(S2) - S_VIDEO / RGBS switch - Output switch: ON is the RGBS output, OFF is the output of the S terminal
(S3) - SIZE switch - Magnification of the output screen, l 'default setting is full screen (zoom out).

Adjustment Controls
Menu Button MENU (K5) - Press to enter the menu option.
UP / DOWN (K4 / K3) - Does not access the MENU for adjusting the position of the upper and lower image - Enter the MENU for the choice of options select
LEFT / RIGHT (K2 / K1) Adjusting the left and right image position when not entering the menu and selecting the increase and decrease options when entering the menu.

Product specification:
1: Input power: DC 5V / 1A.
2: Support input signal format: 640x480A 60/72/75 / 85Hz, 800x600 to 60 / 75Hz, 1024x768 to 60 / 75Hz, 1280x1024 to 60Hz.
3: Support RGBS format output: 15KHz line frequency signal.
4: Output standard video: CVBS, S terminal

The package includes:
- 1 VGA to CRT card
- 1 5 PIN cable for CRT (RGBS )
- 1 Card power cable

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